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Recently I have been researching about how to convert document into PDF for free. Although I know the method already, but I want research to see if there is one that is similar.

I couldn't find one online, maybe I didn't search hard enough, so I went to Ebay to see if I could find one.

I came across this interesting auction that sell somethind called "Easy PDF toolkit". This thing really got my attention, I mean, the ecover is professional looking, the salescopy is good.

But I still hesitate, I kept on looking, still, can't find any. The image of the ebook cover "Easy PDF toolkit" is still in my mind reminding me that there is still one more choice for me to choose.

So I go and and look again, spend a few minutes there looking at the discription, the whole things is quite good, good packaging, good looking ecover, and of course good salescopy.

Finally I gave up and I bought it.

What I want to tell you is that a good ebook cover could make a whole lot difference.

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Titus Cheng, author of the ebook "Secret of creating PDF ebook without spending money on any software",

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