Who Says E-Cover Is Not Important?

"E-Cover is as much important as the content of your product"

When making a statement like the above, it's always debatable. Some marketers will say that they can write a thousand words without a single graphic and make tons of money.

It's undeniable that it can be done, but what I want to add here is that if you have an e-cover to your digital product, a few things will happen.

1. People will visualize your product better even if you know that your product is digital and it can't be hold in hand.

For example, your ebook will just be another ebook if it's in pdf format, but if you have a beautiful graphic of the ebook, people will associate the product with the picture, text, color and size of the graphic of your ebook.

2. People will remember your product much longer.

When people see the e-cover, they'll say, "oh! that's Online Profits Made Simple ebook" because I've seen it before.

Compare that to reading in between lines of sea of words. You might get lost and still can't find the title of the ebook.

3. People will be more interested in the product, and that helps sales.

Imagine creating a CD e-cover to your video product professionally. The CD cover looks nice and it seems so real that only professionals can produce quality product such as what you have.

Now, you know that your online video could be a simple Camtasia recording and uploaded to your web server. It's like most marketers are doing out there.

But, because of the graphic, your potential buyers will see that your product is much more professionally done and they are willing to buy the products with high quality.

Of course, at the same time, your product really has to be high quality product.

The next question that you want to ask is where to get these e-covers done. Obviously, not everyone (including me) is creative enough and has the expertise to design an ecover.

The answer is to hire graphic designers to do the ecover for you.

If you think hiring a graphic designer for your e-cover is expensive, then do your research on the internet again and you'd be surprised to see some designers are willing to design an ecover for less than $50.

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