Boxshot 3D

The Good

  1. Raytracing, photorealistic result, highest quality. The only software that uses it.
  2. Skydome lighting, soft realistic shadows.
  3. Complex shapes (like books stack).
The Bad

  1. Long rendering time (because of using raytracing)
The Bottom Line

Box Shot 3D is the ultimate solution for virtual 3D cover design. With Box Shot 3D high-quality software box, ebook cover or 3d screenshot can be created in just a few mouse clicks.

System Requirement

  • Pentium4 2GHz or better
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Operating System
  • No hardware acceleration is required

  • Boxshot 3D uses raytracing. The use of raytracing leads to "realistic" shadows.
  • Boxshot also Calculating skylight (or atmospheric light) - light emitted by sky.
  • Box Shot 3D use many tricks for fast and efficient antialiasing to make sure you have smooth edges in the image created.
  • You can fully control the box reflection, transparency and depth on the floor and adjust them with sliders to see result in realtime.
  • If you want to use the rendered image in a complex project, you can easily output your image with transparent backgrounds (PNG format) for use in your favorite graphics editor.
  • Box Shot 3D contains many different shapes that can be used for rendering boxes, dvd and cd-cases, screenshots, books with soft and hard covers or stacks of books.
Sample Cover


$80 (free demo-version available)



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