eCover 3D

The Good

Good for animated/moving covers(e.g Cover opening up and DVD popping out)

The Bad

This software is not user friendly. In some functions where supposedly users are guided to knowing where to click, they are instead left totally confused as to what to do next.

You need to be really clear on where you click in this software, or you risk LOSING EVERYTHING you worked on. You will need to start from scratch when the software crashes.

The Bottom Line

Although it does not requires you to have Photoshop, you will at least need to know a little about it, as some terms used are rather technical. If you are going for an animated cover, this software could be considered.


  • Work from 150 pre-designed covers or imported images.
  • 2D Environment and 3D view by rotating the image to any angle possible, adjust scaling, shadow light direction and floor reflection in real time.
  • Full support and help including a full help manual, online help, quick start video and customer service center.
Sample Cover





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